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Youth Dialogue

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Entrepreneurship & Livelihoods

Youths in Kenya make up to 35 years make up to 75% of the populations (according to Kenya National Bureau of statistics). A World Bank report released in 2017 shows that Kenya leads the region in youth unemployment at 17.3% compared to Tanzania and Uganda.

The country has been slow in formal sector jobs despite producing thousands of graduates annually, the fresh graduates also grapple with skills that do not meet the labor market. However not all young people especially in the informal settlements get to go to complete secondary education, this locks them out from getting into formal sector jobs however the youths could present a labor dividend in terms of productivity, innovation and consumer market growth with available opportunities.

Our goal is to improve livelihoods for youths in Huruma to enable them become self-sufficient. We will do this through

  1. Linking young people to informal sector programs set up by the government and other organizations.
  2. Develop employability and skills empowerment programs for the young people in the area.

Peace Building & Justice

Being that Huruma and surrounding areas are prone to conflicts emanating from tribal clashes, religious and political intolerance, landlords and tenants’ conflict which at times catalyzed during and post -election periods, marginalization of some groups and the scramble of the limited resources that are in Huruma area. Our goal is to help improve the relationships between the warring factions in the communities.

Through collaborations and partnerships we aim to

  1. Reduce flare up of violent conflict in Huruma by up to 40%.
  2. Ensure 70% of Huruma Residents have knowledge and literacy on their rights.
  3. Ensure that in case of arising conflicts, 80% of Huruma residents to seek and explore alternative conflict resolution strategies.