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Puppets are constructed by Nzumari Africa and are used to highlight culturally sensitive issues like sex education, Female Genital Mutilation etc. Puppets also give uniqueness to the stories and performances. Nzumari Africa has skilled puppeteers who are up to task.

Edutainment | Performing Arts

Mobilization and awareness creation

Mobilization and awareness creation

Nzumari Africa having being in existence since the year 2000, has developed specialized skills in community mobilization. We derive our membership from the said community thus has a team of mobilizers within the community. The mobilizers work to get community members to workshops and seminars and also to venues where community theatre and awareness creation is taking place. Our work targets Communities, Youths, Children and Women

Trainings and workshops

Entrepreneurship, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Civic Education and Governance, Life Skills, HIV prevention and treatment, Mental Health are just but some of the trainings and workshops that Nzumari Africa excels in. We contextualize and custom make our trainings to suite the participants needs.

Team Building Activities

To work together as a team is the key to any successful corporate body or organization. Nzumari Africa provides team building services custom made to suit the needs of any particular organization and corporate.

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