Salama Youth Center

Salama Youth Center

Mental health of young people is vital for their productivity, therefore avenues where advancement of good mental health of young people cannot be over emphasized. Nzumari Africa with the support of CitiesRise has established a youth gathering space at St. Daniel; Comboni Catholic Church in Huruma, Nairobi dubbed Salama Youth Centre

Salama Youth Centre is a non-judgmental and welcoming space that allows young people to connect with their peers and get support from others, link them to care and learn about mental health to enable them to lead productive lives.

The objectives of the space are to

  • Create a social environment for young people to engage in meaningful activities.
  • Promote mental health awareness and literacy to the youths.
  • Link young people to care that promote their well being

The space operates on the following principles

  • Accessibility: The space is located in a place that can be accessible to all young people from the physical structures, location and information.
  •  Inclusivity: Every young person feels welcomed and accommodated regardless of social class, education background, sexual preferences, economic undertakings, political, religious background, lived experiences etc.
  • Youth centered: A youth lens is considered when designing programs and running of the space. It is youth led, decisions are youth driven and have activities that are youth cultured

The following activities are currently ongoing (or are in the pipeline) at the Centre

  • Performing arts; music,dance and spoken word
  • Visual arts; drawing and painting
  • Indoor games; board games,table tennis, pool table.
  • Mentorship sessions from individuals who have portrayed resilience in their personal or professional lives.
  • Mental health literacy ; Information and communication materials,peer chats,video clips and chats,radio talk shows and promos.
  • Linkage /referral to care and support  
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