Youth Dialogue

Youth Dialogue

When was the last time you sat down with a couple of young people (under 20’s) and listened to what they had to say? I mean really listened? Not many people of a certain age (over 30 years mostly) can claim to concede that these young people have something worth listening to. You will hear the normal excuses of ‘What do they know that I don’t?’ and ‘There is nothing new under the sun so what can they teach me?’.

Have you tried snap chat? or the other new social media technologies that are sprouting up left right and center? Have you listened to them talk? Do you understand the lingo? I am a thirty something old and to tell the truth I hardly understand what my 25 year old younger bro is saying and that is when I am really paying attention.

Why should you care whether or not I or the other older guys understand what the younger guys have to say?

Because what they say matters. Dialogue cannot take place without understanding each other’s medium of exchange which in most cases is verbal thus involving language. When you understand that youth programs are mostly designed and run by the over 30’s and when lucky the late 20’s who are not as bad as the 30 somethings, but not good either in terms of giving the under 20’s the time of day to.

It is fun learning their lingo, it opens up the possibilities of constructive dialogue on youth programming and encourages youth ownership of the program/s.

Get some young ones today and kick start the dialogue!!

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