Stay at home and eat what?

Stay at home and eat what?

So a couple of weeks ago, or is it months or maybe years, the Covid-19 virus decided to ravish the world. Or maybe someone somewhere decided that the virus needed to ravish the world…who knows? What is important to note is that it is here and it is ravishing the world.

In response to its spread, one of the strategies proposed to contain its spread is social distancing. What that fancy phrase ‘social distancing’ means according to me is  ‘stay at home, don’t touch nothing not even yourself and if you happen to touch anything especially yourself, use a damn sanitizer you buffoon’ and no more hugs, kisses, holding hands and pretending to be in a Hollywood horror movie.

Social distancing created a weird phenomenon in developed countries. Guys went on shopping sprees, not for food, not for essential medicine, not for seeds (for those of you who think that maize and beans come from gunias and not from farms) …but for toilet paper. I have seen a few facebook posts of some innocent schmuck who had probably traveled to an alternative universe walking into supermarkets and seeing people fighting over toilet paper and wondering ‘When did we start eating toilet paper’?

What is the deal people? You are not afraid of starvation but are concerned about running out of TP? Are you planning to roast it and eat it with a glass of hand sanitizer?

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Sorry, my ADHD probably kicked in there for a moment and I went off topic. So back to what I was talking about…what was I talking about? Oh yes, social distancing. The Kenyan government banned all  gatherings, sent kids home from school and gave a comprehensive list of who will be allowed into the country. This came after we reported our first case of the Virus on our soil due to probably the fact that they had allowed a number of flights to and from the affected regions.

So the government in effect told  those people like myself whose bread and butter is gatherings that we better get ready to starve. Musicians had gigs cancelled, Filmmakers had premieres and exhibitions cancelled and all community gathering spaces were closed down. Heck even public offices that are rarely open for business are pretending to be concerned about people coming to their offices that they are sending emails and doing Public Service Announcements to tell people to desist from physically coming to their ‘not-even-worth-wasting-my-time-coming-there-since-no-one-is-ever-around’ offices

I do understand that the pandemic is bad, that people have died from it and that extreme measures are sometimes necessary to deal with an extreme situation, but if the government does not deal with the issue of lost livelihoods and the daily practicality of people who depend on day to day interactions and a constant flow of people for their living (who are majorly business people and entrepreneurs), the social distancing strategy will fall flat on its face. If the choice is between contracting Covid-19 and starving my kids, guess what I will choose?

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